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Our Mission

We strive to create a positive impact on people’s lives by creating products that benefit their health and beauty. Since wellness is the core concentration of everyones life, we put efforts to provide products useful for protecting health, beauty and youth.

Our Goals

Our objective is to become an industry leader in several segments of cosmetic field represented by a range of brands. We believe that constant improvement in: research & product development, marketing, sales and customer satisfaction will allow  LDK GmbH and its brands to be present in life of every family worldwide.

Our Values

The values we encompass have direct impact on all dimensions of our business. They are a profound reflection on relationship we maintain with our members as well as our business partners and consumers.

Creating a Positive Impact

In LDK GmbH we believe that things happen for a reason and each individual / company has a particular role in a society to play. This is why we put much attention to creating a positive impact on others and provide consumer oriented products that fulfill their needs.


We are accountable for all actions that we make and this responsibility motivates us to create exceptional products that meet the highest quality standards including implementation of innovative technologies, unique recipes and superior quality ingredients. We also feel responsible for environment that’s why strive for creating environmentally friendly products.


With an ambition to create a significant impact on society LDK GmbH  strives to celebrate diversity not only by providing brands with a range of cosmetic products. Our presence in various of beauty sectors is a reflection of human diversity and uniqueness.


We strongly believe that in order to create innovative products with a positive impact on a whole society we need to surround ourselves with extraordinary people of extraordinary qualities. Only such approach will let us create additional values for others and help us to achieve our goals.

Our Brands

Dr. Martin Schwarz is an oral care brand addressed to both dental care professionals and daily users. We take oral hygiene as a key factor in maintaining good health and beauty. We believe that a beautiful white smile is a synonymous of health and happiness. Bring your smile back!

Bioseptal is a brand of biocidal & antisceptic products crafted for antimicrobial procedures. Products are suitable for disinfecting a variety of surfaces in specialised institutions (dental offices, hospitals, private clinics) as well as human skin. Bioseptal eliminates viruses, bacteria, and fungi. Effectively.

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